Rush Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pledge for Sigma Mu Delta?

Sigma Mu Delta will host rush events at the beginning of each fall and spring quarter for potential members to learn about the fraternity and what we have to offer. On the final day of rush week, the fraternity will send invitations for an interview to qualified candidates who submitted an application. Based on the impression the potential member had during rush week and his interview, the fraternity will determine who is best qualified to become a pledge.


  • What happens after I am accepted as a pledge?

Once accepted as a pledge, the individual must complete a seven-week program where he will learn valuable skills and develop meaningful relationships amongst pledge brothers and actives. Upon completing all of the pledge requirements the individual will be installed as brother of Sigma Mu Delta.


  • What is the required time commitment as a pledge?

Pledge term requires a very high time commitment and is about the same as a 5-unit class. Time management will be essential for a successful pledge term, as pledge term will require a lot of hard work. However, it can be very rewarding because individuals will be developing skills they can later apply in their future careers and build a network of brothers who are in medical school or are applying to medical school.


  • Is there a fee for the pledge term?

There is a fee for the pledge term. However, the entire pledge term fee will only be used for events pertaining to the classes’ pledge term (e.g. Banquet, printing costs, pledge materials, etc.)


  • What are some things that I will be doing as an active?

Once an individual crosses and is initiated as a member, Actives will be attending meetings, community service events, socials and other fraternity events. Actives can also run for fraternity positions and gain skills such as leadership and professionalism